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Governor Lincoln D. Chafee today said: “The State of Rhode Island has not been officially contacted by any federal entity regarding either services or sheltering unaccompanied children who have crossed the U.S. border in the Southwest. If and when there is a request from the federal government, I will share it publicly.”
Governor Chafee today reiterated his wholehearted support for An Act Relating to State Affairs and Government – Authorizing State-Operated Casino Gaming at Newport Grand Subject to Statewide and Local Voter Approval,H 8294, Substitute A/2, As Amended.The Governor, who signed the Act, said, “I support casino gaming in Newport, both as a revenue generator and as a bulwark against competition from a potential casino in southeastern Massachusetts.”The Act authorizes a local and statewide referendum to approve casino gaming in Newport. If approved by the voters, the new legislation provides that certain payments will be made to the City of Newport.
As Chairman of the Board of the Directors of the Rhode Island Commerce Corporation (RICC), Governor Lincoln D. Chafee announced today that a proposed settlement between the RICC and Antonio Afonso, Jr. and Moses Afonso Ryan Ltd. was filed today in the Rhode Island Superior Court. The proposed settlement is contingent upon approval by the Superior Court in the pending litigation.The settlement provides for payment to the RICC of the gross sum of $4,370,000. This sum represents the full amount remaining of these settling defendants’ insurance coverage, less a sum of $200,000 set aside to pay the legal fees of these individual settling defendants in the pending action and related lawsuits or proceedings. Although the original coverage limits on this insurance policy were $5,000,000, the insurance policy provides that all defense costs are deducted from the coverage limits. Defense costs to date have been approximately $430,000. The settling defendants have not acknowledged or admitted any liability or wrongdoing in connection with the matters on which the pending litigation is based. To the contrary, they maintain their original position that they have no liability and committed no wrongdoing. The settlement agreement states that the RICC and the settling defendants are mindful of the inherent uncertainty of litigation, and the financial costs associated with the ongoing prosecution and/or defense of same.Under these circumstances, the RICC and the above-named settling defendants have agreed that this settlement is reasonable. The RICC’s litigation is still going forward against other defendants who are not included in this settlement.“The proposed settlement is a step in the right direction, and I hope this is the beginning of a positive resolution to the 38 Studios saga,” Governor Chafee said.

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